A drilled water well is usually the only option for providing a reliable source of water for a residential or agricultural facility in the central valley and surrounding foothills. The wells tap into water from underground aquifers and pumps bring it to the surface for use.

Kaweah Well Drilling Service uses a variety of drilling techniques depending on the depth and rock characteristics of the targeted aquifer. We use equipment that is well maintained  and have the capability to drill to depths of 800 feet. Kaweah Well Drilling  has a strong record of efficiently completing productive water wells on budget and in minimal amounts of time. Project safety is a priority and all our work is compliant with the applicable regulations.


The first step in drilling a water well involves determining the location for drilling the bore. Once the location is determined, the permit is applied for and the county will advise if any special requirements.

Well drilling rigs use a drill bit assembly that rotates as it is forced into the ground. Water or air is used to flush the soil that is removed by the drill bit.

The drill string, bit and well casing are forced down until the bit strikes water. When the driller has determined the well will produce enough water for the customer’s needs, the drill string and bit are removed from the well.

A submersible pump is placed down the well casing. This electric pump pushes water up through pipes to ground level and into a pressure system or a storage system.