Kaweah Well drilling provides water well drilling services for agricultural, domestic and municipalities.

Our Services

Agricultural Wells

Agricultural wells are drilled with irrigation in mind. Generally, the completed well and the borehole are much larger than a domestic well to serve two purposes; a larger pump can be placed in a larger well and a larger borehole provides for a more effective well diameter. Agricultural wells drilled by Kaweah Well Drilling are sealed bottom, gravel pack wells. This type of well provides for the best opportunity to minimize sand production and increase longevity of the pump machinery. We drill a variety of sizes and depths. Please contact our office to find out more information.

Domestic Wells

Domestic Wells drilled by Kaweah Well Drilling are very much like the agricultural well, sealed bottom and gravel pack to provide for a nice filter pack from sand. They are, however, generally shallower and of a smaller diameter. In addition, we seal the top 50’ of the well with a concrete mixture and sanitize the well prior to completion.


Once the well is completed, the drilling fluid must be removed from the well. Kaweah Well Drilling will airlift the well and prepare it for development immediately after the well is completed, at times airlifting will occure prior to the seal being poured. Air lifting before the seal is poured allows for the gravel pack to settle and we are able to fill the settled area with gravel. Airlifting is also known as air developing, however, it is not a substitute for proper well development.

Municipal Wells

Municipal wells are very much a combination of an agricultural well and a domestic well. Municipalities require large volumes of water, much like an agricultural situation. They also require the stringent sanitation similar to that of a domestic well.

Gravel Pack

The gravel pack of the well is a crucial aspect of a quality water well. While drilling a well the borehole may be 24” while the completed well may be 12”. The six inch annulus space between the earth and the steel casing is filled with gravel. Pea gravel is the usual gravel to use, depending on the formation drilled through and the end use of the well, a different size may be used.

Direct Mud Rotary

Direct mud rotary is a drilling method Kaweah Well Drilling utilizes. It consists of pumping drilling fluid down through the drill pipe. The drilling fluid lubricates the drill bit and carries the drill cuttings to the top of the borehole where our mud cleaning system separates the cuttings from the drilling fluid and returns it to the pit to be reused.

Why Kaweah Well Drilling Inc.?

We have the tools

When it comes to well drilling, tools are everything. We have a large variety of tooling to fit each unique job.

Certified Experience

We operate under California well drilling and pump contractor license #673061. This license requires State licensure exams and certified on the job experience.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is competitive with other drilling contractors that construct similar type wells.

Our Guarantee

We are local, we’ve been local. We stand behind our work and we are here for you.

Three generations of Experience

Our family has been in the water industry since the early 1950’s. Three generations strong!

Great Support

We’re not just a well drilling company, Kaweah Well Drilling, Inc. and Kaweah Pump Inc. are here to support your project from start to finish.